Tuesday, 11 January 2011

he saved me ♥

before i met my mr future, zulfo,
i was deeply depressed for a very long time, 
in a long-term relationship but still feeling lonely,
emotionally neglected and taken for granted.
i started to believe i was naturally melancholic
and felt i was destined to live this kind of life
but one day i met him,
and he told me that he like me. he loves me.
i laughed and thought he was being silly.
but he never let me go, he lend me his shoulder to cry on.
and now almost a year has passed since that day
and now i'm with him and finally happy
and at peace with myself, love and life.
i thank him for saving me.
if wasn't, i wouldn't have a
clue where i would be right now.

ya, the last year has had its many ups, and the occasional down, but we are still here, and somehow we have managed to stayed honest, true, and head over heels for one another. 

you have become my best friend, my lover and the man of my dreams. you are the best thing that happened to me in a very long time. ♥ you lots.

*P/S: the pic above taken on 14th Feb last year.. our 2nd date :)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


DEVOTED - a simple word to describe the relation between all the figure above including us ;)

This simple editing picture inspired by the love relation of some famous figure i'd adore; P Ramlee the icon of Malay showbiz, John Lennon the anchor of the Beatles, Kurt Cobain the spokesman of his generation & Sid Vicious the influential of punk movement. Siapalah saya utk di bandingkan dgn ikon2 tersebut tp apa gua peduli? gua punya suka la nk edit gambar mcm mana pun. hehehe...

p/s : I hate to use romantik karat words or merengek2 about my girlfriend through the blog. Just keep it personal for that part.

- z u l f o  with adobe photoshop version 7.0 -

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Quick Review of 2010, Welcome for 2011

Agak memakan masa yg lama utk mnulis new entry nih. Ok,1stly wanna shout for a warm welcome to year 2011, a year thats gonna be a bz2 year for me. to-do-list sgt2 panjang *too many to mention here*. Purpose for this entry mostly nk wat quick review about year 2010 yg baru blalu bbrapa jam td. 1st of all, 2010 simply the meaningful year for me. its a year that i found my soulmate, my dear Eylin. This is a serious relation that i never expect would come. Ringkas crita, we already planning for a big occasion in 2011 :) *nantikan*. Alhamdullilah, everything going smooth n steady, with the full support from people around us. A big thanx to both of our family bcoz mrestui our relation, *syukur*. Not to forget to all our friends, doakan yg terbaik utk kami pls ;)

Another big achievement ialah berhenti merokok. Rahsianya, once u stop, never look back. Takde istilah bhenti slow2. Stop means terus stop. So far aku rasa become healthier than before, pnambahan berat badan yg agak mendadak smpaikan boleh hit 62kg *homai2*. So in 2011 plan nk mgurangkan nafsu mkn yg makin menjadi2 after stop smoking ni.

About career, 2010 makin btambah2 responsible. Dgr rumors year 2011 lg btambah2 responsible dgn pnambahan scope of work. In 2011, jobhunting still akn di teruskan lg bg mencari pluang yg lebih better tp this time maybe slower than before psl dah semakin comfort dgn my current company.

Enough say, hoping for a better year in 2011, semoga di permudahkan sgalanya. Amin.
Peace, Out.