Tuesday, 4 January 2011


DEVOTED - a simple word to describe the relation between all the figure above including us ;)

This simple editing picture inspired by the love relation of some famous figure i'd adore; P Ramlee the icon of Malay showbiz, John Lennon the anchor of the Beatles, Kurt Cobain the spokesman of his generation & Sid Vicious the influential of punk movement. Siapalah saya utk di bandingkan dgn ikon2 tersebut tp apa gua peduli? gua punya suka la nk edit gambar mcm mana pun. hehehe...

p/s : I hate to use romantik karat words or merengek2 about my girlfriend through the blog. Just keep it personal for that part.

- z u l f o  with adobe photoshop version 7.0 -

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