Friday, 16 December 2011

Perkahwinan GAY melayu dengan mat salleh kat Dublin!

Salam Jumaat! Entry kali ni agak tak sesuai untuk hari Jumaat pasal kan maybe boleh menggegar otak-otak orang.

Nak cerita pasal bekas pelajar perubatan University College Dublin (UCD), Ariff Alfian Rosli, 28, yang dilaporkan 'lost contact' kat Dublin, Ireland oleh keluarganya dua hari lepas dan semalam Utusan melaporkan Ariff yang merupakan bekas pelajar tajaan Petronas tu berada dalam keadaan selamat. Alhamdullillah lah kan.

Tetapikan hasil dari maklumat yang didengar, Ariff Alfian  yang dikatakan hilang tu sebenarnya taklah hilang tapi dah berkahwin kat sana, tapi... bukan dengan perempuan.. dengan LELAKI mat saleh nama Jonathan. yup lelaki.

Namun, kalau ini bukan Ariff yang dikatakan 
atau sememangnya ini lah Ariff  ataupun orang lain yang bernama Ariff sekalipun saye mohon ampun sangat-sangat, sungguh tak berniat nak buka pekung orang waima mengaibkan orang, cuma nak berkongsi dengan semua untuk dijadikan tauladan bersama. 

Yang pasti dari muka, pakaian yang siap bertengkolok & berbaju melayu lagi masa kahwin tu jelas yang lelaki itu memang Melayu Islam. Astagfirullahalazim.

sumber gambar ni-->

wikipedia -->

P/S : Saya minta jangan kita berterusan menghina & mencaci dengan kata-kata kesat kerana setiap manusia tidak pernah lepas dari dosa tetapi doakan yang Ariff ini akan kembali ke pangkal jalan dan di sisi keluarganya. Amin.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

♥ Letter to My Mom; I'm Sorry..

There are many things that I did to you that I shouldn't have.

I'm sorry for all the things I said
I’m sorry for all of the fights I started with you
I’m sorry for all the times I made you cry
I’m sorry for not understanding you
I'm sorry for being so stubborn
I’m sorry for all of the tough times I put you through
I'm sorry for disappointed you.
I'm sorry for not being the perfect daughter you strongly wish I was.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry mom.

I know that I've caused pain that I drive you insane.
Though you may not see what's inside of me,
You should know it's deader than the Dead Sea.
You may think that I don't care, for all I give is just a stare,
But what you don't know is that I really do love you
All I ask is one thing to see, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

Mom, I just want to tell you I’m sorry for all the hell I put you through.

And I want you to remember that..

I love you Mom. More than I could explain.

and again..


BTW, I found this video on youtube. I hate Justin Bieber & his songs truly, but i do like this version, 100% better than the original song. :) Mom, for you! ♥ 

*I'm crying like hell as I wrote this entry last night.*

Friday, 14 October 2011

Rockaway 2011 Festival ♥

Rockaway was quite awesome and best festival ever! Frankly, I'm not really into these types of concert but Rockaway was beyond amazing and totally got me hooked on going. Pretty orgasmic :D 

Went with my hubby Zulfo, together with Pali & Farah and we had the most awesome time.  Even though it's raining and we are all pretty drenched, we didn't regret at all.

And hey, Story of The Year and The Used are pretty blast.  Their energy was high. The Used was the band that Zulfo was most looking forward to see and they really rocked out.

As for All Time Low? Hmm honestly, I never heard this annoying and shitty band before. I wouldn't say I hate them but they were the worst of the night. Every song sounded the same and they kept going on and on about tits and so on. Wholly inappropriate. It was getting annoying.  Most of their fans are crazed teen girls, obsessed over. Dozen of them also threw their bras and a few panties onto the stage as the boys played. Totally disgusting.

Btw, the local acts; Pop Shuvit feat Project E.A.R, One Buck Short, Monoloque and Love Me Butch kicked so much ass. For Massacre Conspiracy, just not my liking but Zulfo enjoyed their music i think.

We were not allowed to bring in DSLR, so we borrowed compact camera from a friend. Not DSLR quality, a bit blur but still okay lah! Here, for your viewing pleasure! :))

Rockaway 2011 Fest, 8th Oct
                             awesome love birds. :p                                           my man! :)
 Straight guys!
Fatty in pink!
duck mouth by ugly duckling :p
before and after :p
with his brand new short pants & specky
sweat & smelly? oh no no!
One Buck Short!
Pop Shuvit feat Project E.A.R. I truly love them!
The Used!
Story of The Year
We bought our tickets at for much cheaper price!

Oh, and I miss Rockaway already! ;)  ♥

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Who Says Malaysia English Is Bad? Boleh lah!

Just see below - simple, short, concise, straight-to- point, effective etc.

Britons: I'm sorry, Sir, but we don't seem to have the sweater you want in your size, but if you give me a moment, I can call the other outlets for you.
Malaysians: No Stock.

Britons: Hello, this is John Smith. Did anyone page for me a few moments ago?
Malaysians: Hello, who page?

Britons: Excuse me, I'd like to get by. Would you please make way?
Malaysians: S-kew me

Britons: Hey, put your wallet away, this drink is on me.
Malaysians:No- need, lah.

Britons: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible for me to enter through this door?
Malaysians: (pointing the door) can ar?

Britons: Please make yourself right at home.
Malaysians: Don't be shy, lah!

Britons: I don't recall you giving me the money.
Malaysians: Where got?

Britons: I'd prefer not to do that, if you don't mind.
Malaysians: Don't want la...

Britons: Err. Tom, I have to stop you there. I understand where you're coming from, but I really have to disagree with what you said about the issue.
Malaysians: You mad, ah?

Britons: Excuse me, but could you please ! lower your voice, I'm trying to concentrate over here.
Malaysians: Shut up lah!

Britons: Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for some time.. Do I know you?
Malaysians: See what, see what?

Britons: We seem to be in a bit of a predicament at the moment.
Malaysians: Die-lah!!

Britons: Will someone tell me what has just happened?
Malaysians: Wat happen Why like that... .

Britons: This isn't the way to do it here let me show you,
Malaysians: like that also don't know how to do!!!!

Britons: Would you mind not disturbing me
Malaysians: Celaka u ;))

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Map for the Big Day

*Eylin's side - 9th of July 2011

*Zulfo's side -16th of July 2011

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

We are getting hitched! ♥

19 days to go.. urmmm.. i'm getting excited n nervous...wuhuuu!!~ ;p

aka Norshazlina Nor'azman aka Eylin Sophelea ;)

Friday, 3 June 2011

They say that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Today I woke up, and I felt empty inside. This isn’t the first time this has happened recently, in fact for the past few months this is how I've been feeling every day. I keep trying to pinpoint what is making me feel this way, blaming it on the fact that I hate my job. Then blaming stress, and then blaming anything I could that wasn't the truth. However the fact of the matter is, I’m feeling empty because the person that I loves.

I remember when we first started dating, everyone said it wasn't going to work out. No one believed that we would survive this kind of relationship. But still, here we are, you and me together still. But I'm starting to get scared that we're not the same people anymore. That we have lost the spark. That the fire that burned passionate in our hearts, now is only a fire that's burning us in a hurting way.

We've loved and laughed, sang silly songs, we've cried and yelled, we've said some hurtful things to one another. I've been stubborn and a pain in your ass at times. You've been selfish in such selfless ways and a complete asshole in a few moments. We have together dealt with stalkers, bad timing, relapse and judgment, among many other obstacles. You have been there for me in so many ways and I can only hope I have helped you in others.

Our first looks at each other, our first conversation, our first text message and our first real talk. I'll never forget. Never forget the feelings and how perfect everything was. We could be awake and talk about everything until the next morning, we could talk on the phone for hours without having any words left to say and we could lay down for a very long time and just stare into each others eyes without saying anything. It was love. Real love.

We became closer and closer and when i thought it couldn't be better he whispered the three most beautiful words in my ear. He whispered "I love you" with a tear in his eyes and said that he never thought he could have this feelings for anyone. It was the best moment of my life. I was in love. Terribly in love.

We talked about how our apartment would look like, what name our baby should have and then we laughed for hours about what we just said. We talked about everything and we laughed, cried and did things together. That was life. You were life. You were the best boyfriend ever and everything would have been meaningless if you weren't in my life. I would go to the moon, travel round the world and count all the stars. Just for you.

We were so equal you and me, but different at the same time. We had something that other people just could dream of.

I'll never forget how you said I was beautiful when i looked the most terrible than ever. And I'll never forget how special you made me feel. You had girlfriends before but I was the only one you fell in love with and I was the only one you ever cared about.

Every time I got a text message from you my heart stopped and every time I saw you called me I got a smile on my lips. You were mine.

But things changed. I can't count the sleepless nights and how many tears that have fell down on my cheek. I can't count how many times my heart got in thousand pieces and when everything felt meaningless. I have been so loved by you, but you have hurt me so badly at the same time. I never thought we would come to this part in our relationship were we don't show any respect and neither can live with or without each other. But now we stand here and don't know what's right or wrong. The only thing I know is that I'll always love you, no matter what.

I just want you to know that with every "I love you" you say, brings much comfort in the fact that for that day i knew your heart is still mine.

Basically, I wish that you loved me more.
I wish that you needed me.
I wish that you knew when i said two sugars, actually i meant three.
I wish that without me your heart would break.
I wish that without me you'd spending the rest of your nights awake.
I wish that without me you couldn't eat.
I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep.

he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me.

I love you more than you know.
I love you more than I could explain.
I love you more than a fat kid loves cake.
I love you more than you loved me.
I love u more. 

Frankly,  I really miss those simple words nowadays. Sighhhh.


Monday, 2 May 2011

Saye bengang tau!

Pernahkah anda..?
Menaip text sms panjang lebar sehingga lenguh ibu jari… 

Pastu lak berhenti sejenak nak menyambung ayat yang panjang lebar tu… 
Ditambah lagi terpaksa membacanya sekali lagi untuk memastikan ayat yang ditaip tu betul & difahami…
Setelah abis, anda menekan button send dgn penuh kondifen dan dalam pada masa yang sama peluh meleleh kerana begitu fokusnya anda menaip text sms yang panjang lebar tu…
Tak lama kemudian… 
Anda menerima balasan sms itu iaitu


k? k aje? hmmmm... klu letak OK pon leh gak aku memaksa diri terima. 
Huhhhh… bengang gila kan?

e y l i n

Thursday, 28 April 2011

FC Barcelona era Messi: Catatan Untuk Masa Depan

Whoaaa...untuk sekian lama gua tak coret something dalam blog ni. Kali ni gua rasa terpanggil untuk membuat sedikit catatan yang boleh di rujuk pada masa hadapan. Ianya mengenai pasukan bolasepak Barcelona era ini, era Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Puyol etc. Tak dinafikan tiki-taka football yang menjadi style of play Barcelona memang boleh bikin pasukan lawan tension seperti mana Pak Jabit tension dengan anak si Mamat yang asik nak menembak je kejenya. Okay, pagi tadi berlansungnya game 1st leg semi final untuk UCL antara Real Madrid vs Barcelona yang menyaksikan Barcelona menang 2 gol tanpa balas, what a brace from Messi. No doubt for the 2nd goal tu ibarat jelmaan Maradona.

Ini cerita bukan nk ulas pasal game semalam semata, tapi lebih kepada catatan tentang the negative side of Barcelona in this era. Kalau nak cerita positif, anytime in the future boleh rujuk Wikipedia. So gua akan rangkumkan komen2 yg gua baca dari Ada antara komen2 yg gua select ni mmg sependapat dgn gua.

"bak datang menyu ka, chelshit ka, kelantan red warriors ka, semua kami boleh kitai baq hang", Barcelona 2010/11
nick from aus
passing around the backline for 50% of the game isn't football, it's boring, barca isn't good to watch!!!! they bore the fans and the opposition team into submission then cry on the floor whenever something goes wrong. then praise themselves about how football should be played, congrats you had 80% possession 60% of that was xavi pique or puyol holding the ball in the back half.

Alex Australia
Xavi if you think this is a victory for football, you need to take a good hard look at yourself and the way Barca conducted themselves throughout. As a football fan, all the diving, over-acting, crowding the referee, complaining, and whining made this game hard to watch and cringeworthy. Not a victory for football in the slightest

SO TRUE fk barca
I GOTTA say, this is SO true.. For all Barca's brilliance, they have GOTTA stop the diving and acting. The LITTLEST amount of contact leads to one of their players rolling around the floor like a baby, only to get back up and be fine a minute later. When they feel their player is fouled, all 11 of their players surround the referee and try to make the decision for him. It's disgusting.. they need to stop

London England
I wonder how barca feel when they play and win 10 men­ on the pitch, they claim to be the best, but just the­ best actors when it comes to acting diving movies.­ Barca history shows that they enjoy playing 10 men team­ plus game officials in their favour, just like the­ final in 2006 against Arsenal and in 2011 semi-final,­ same thing applies when they play InterMilan last year­ but even with their masterminded officiating they could­ not get to final, same thing happens when they play­ Chelsea couple of times, lastly they have played Madrid­ this season alone with 10 men and yet people think they­ are the best team. No wonder Pepe of Brazil said only­ Pele is the greatest player. How could Messi scoring­ free goals against teams with 9 or 10 men could be­ classified as great? No way, any contact on any barca­ player result in yellow and followed by red card.

Rij Bham
Well said, although i love watching barca play, they let themselves down in big matches like these with behaviour like that, it was appalling, premier league players would get banned for that behaviour, its funny when ronaldo was in the PL everyone was like hes the worst diver in the world but today i think the world saw he is not alone!

Well, entry kali ni bukan berniat membenci Barca atas dasar mereka bakal prospek menentang Man Utd (glory glory man united, JYEAHHH...) di final UCL 2010/11, gua bukan bertindak bias. Gua nak jadikan catatan ini sebagai rujukan di masa hadapan, anytime bila kenangkan team Barcelona yg super power ni, gua boleh ingat negative side dieorg skali.

*skali lagi di nyatakan, komen2 di atas di petik dengan tanpa izin dari website


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Are You Doing Okay Dear?

Kembali setelah beberapa purnama tak conteng sesuatu di sini. And for the first time aku akan post entry ni sbg tunangan org, hehe... Alhamdulillah proses pertunangan kami berjalan lancar, smooth mcm Federal Highway pukul 3 pagi mahupun MRR2 slps subuh hari ahad (kalau ada org repair jln or tanam kabel, tak brapa smooth la). So projek 'jambatan emas' antara Perak dan Johor telah pun dilancarkan dan 'proses pecah tanah' telah berlangsung pada 19hb Februari 2011.

Girlfriend dah jadi Fiancée, so for the next upgrading process dijangkakan bulan July ni ;)

Tapi tak sampai seminggu lepas bertunang, si fiancée kena outstation sampai ke Somalia. Nk lagi best outstation kt laut lepas pulak tu, Teluk Aden, port lanun Somalia yg entah brapa ramai yg lg power dari Jack Sparrow kat sana. Bila kat laut Somalia mana nk ada org kuning Digi boleh sampai sana. Internet pun gamaknya limited pasal si fiancée tak update2 pun status kt facebook. hari2 aku tunggu, tak muncul2. Last contacts with her on 26th Feb pun thru msg facebook before dia check out hotel in Oman utk naik kapal. 

Serius buntu tak tau keadaan si fiancée mcm mana, dah naik kapal ke? breakfast sedap ke tak? ombak jahat tak?

Finally, muka ada sinyum (intonasi apek kutip hutang dalam cite Do Re Mi) selepas jumpa klik ini.

Punca mcm mana boleh update news dari atas kapal laut tak pulak di ketahui, pakai burung merpati hantar story ke apa? Yg penting si fiancée selamat. Fufff! Alhamdulillah.

My Dearly Beloved,
I've never been so lonesome like this since we've been together,
"Are you doing okay dear?" this question always stuck in my mind,
Hope you doing just fine there.

**note to self : i miss you terribly 


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Aku sebuah Kenari. Namaku Goldie!

Semalam, tetiba teringin nak bagi nama kat kereta kenari emas  aku yang usianya da nak dekat 8 tahun ;) Frankly, i'm not like those yang suke bagi nama kat keta, kat kucing, kat teddy bear lah, kat bantal busuk lah (sbg contoh je, saye takde bantal busuk pon). :)

Ok, ceritanya, semalam masa blek keje, turun opis skali ngn Obee, tnampak keta myvi hijaunye yg penuh ngn patung katak2 comeyy, hinggalah ntah mcm mana tetiba tpikir 'Obee bg nama Froggie kat keta dia, nape aku x penah letak nama ek?'

So masa nak kuar kat simpang Bernama tu, tetiba tpikir 'ahhh kaler dia gold kan, so leh bg nama 'Goldie'. Nama mcm sesuai je bagi kat ikan emas yg gemok2 mcm saye nih. :) Hmmm nama tak komersil ke? tak best eh? elehhhhhh! Suke hatilah, kereta aku kan, bukan keta korang pon. tak yah nak kutuk sgt lah nama Goldie tuh kan. duhhhh.

Goldie, (ok dia da ada nama!). Actually keta saye tu skrg bopren saye yg hencem aka Zulfo yg pakai, ;) coz saye nak jimat duit minyak so saye pakai keta kenari jugak, bopren saye punye tp bgear manual. Yup, saye suka drive keta manual. Jgn tanye nape.. Yg penting jimat walau bawak laju-lajuuuuuu! Hehehe. I'm a racer not a romantic driver lah ;)

Btw, Froggie (keta Obee) last year xcdnt, budak motor langgar blkg keta dia n siap terbang ala2 superman. Tp budak tuh ok je & Obee lak tak dpt sesen pon ganti rugi walaupun bontot froggie kemik & tak mengancam lagi. :( Ishhh, kesian kan? Saye tumpang kesian. :(( 

Hmmm hari ni keje pagi lagi. Yepppp weekend adalah hari bkeje ;) Kesian kan? :P Pagi tadi bawak Froggie, g bekpes kat Tangling ngn empunyanya. Pastu blek opis. Pastu ptg ckit bopren dtg kat opis ngn Goldie ajak g mkn aka dating jap kat mcd.

Pas burger ayam yg kicik itu selamat masuk dlm perott, cepat2 g asgmnt kat IPD Gombak lak, ada PC psl Hindraf. (sila baca paper esok ye, malas nak cite). Pastu mr bopren antar blek kat opis. Hujan lebat masa tu woooo. Diulang, lebatttt.

Selang 15 minit pastu.. jeng jeng jenggggg.. bopren call kata bontot Goldie kena cium kat simpang Bernama, abis bumper & lampu keta kat blkg pecah. :( Pastu adake patut, minah bertudung yg bwk keta Waja silver tuh marah2 menyalahkan, kata Zulfo kuar simpang lambat sgt. Ehh minah, yg ko drive rapat sgt knape? Ko buta ke masa tuh tgh hujan hah? Ke ko da geram sangat ngn bontot Goldie sampai nak tros cium dia hah? Patut kitorg yang marah, nih ko plak yg marah2. Bangang!

Pastu dlm tgh bengang tuh, mr bopren tlupe nak tgk plat keta psl minah tuh ajak g bengkel. Ingat dia nk btanggungjwb lah ckit kan, tetapi harammmm, minah tuh kaki klentong & tetiba wat u-turn pastu tros lari. Minah tuh mmg bangang! 

Btw, simpang tuh biasanya cuma staff Bernama, National Library & pelawat library je yg lalu. Tapi kan biasanya ari Ahad lagi2 sblm kul 6 ptg, x ramai yg lalu situ. CCTV plak dengarnye dah takde kat luar tuh. :( Hmmm sape lah agaknya minah celaka tuh kan? Yepp celaka!

Hmmm, tadi kesian kat Froggie & Obee. Skrg kesian kat Goldie, yelah baru ada nama dah kena cium ngn pompuan celaka. Tapi lagi kesian kat kami, duit makin terbang & melayang saban hari. :(( 

Kesian kann? Kan? Kan?

Makanya, jomm lah tumpang kesian bersama-sama kami :((

me with my Goldie :((

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

head-over-heels in love ♥

There are times in our life that we argue like two territorial cats 
but in the end we love each other like two little lovebirds. 

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

he saved me ♥

before i met my mr future, zulfo,
i was deeply depressed for a very long time, 
in a long-term relationship but still feeling lonely,
emotionally neglected and taken for granted.
i started to believe i was naturally melancholic
and felt i was destined to live this kind of life
but one day i met him,
and he told me that he like me. he loves me.
i laughed and thought he was being silly.
but he never let me go, he lend me his shoulder to cry on.
and now almost a year has passed since that day
and now i'm with him and finally happy
and at peace with myself, love and life.
i thank him for saving me.
if wasn't, i wouldn't have a
clue where i would be right now.

ya, the last year has had its many ups, and the occasional down, but we are still here, and somehow we have managed to stayed honest, true, and head over heels for one another. 

you have become my best friend, my lover and the man of my dreams. you are the best thing that happened to me in a very long time. ♥ you lots.

*P/S: the pic above taken on 14th Feb last year.. our 2nd date :)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


DEVOTED - a simple word to describe the relation between all the figure above including us ;)

This simple editing picture inspired by the love relation of some famous figure i'd adore; P Ramlee the icon of Malay showbiz, John Lennon the anchor of the Beatles, Kurt Cobain the spokesman of his generation & Sid Vicious the influential of punk movement. Siapalah saya utk di bandingkan dgn ikon2 tersebut tp apa gua peduli? gua punya suka la nk edit gambar mcm mana pun. hehehe...

p/s : I hate to use romantik karat words or merengek2 about my girlfriend through the blog. Just keep it personal for that part.

- z u l f o  with adobe photoshop version 7.0 -

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Quick Review of 2010, Welcome for 2011

Agak memakan masa yg lama utk mnulis new entry nih. Ok,1stly wanna shout for a warm welcome to year 2011, a year thats gonna be a bz2 year for me. to-do-list sgt2 panjang *too many to mention here*. Purpose for this entry mostly nk wat quick review about year 2010 yg baru blalu bbrapa jam td. 1st of all, 2010 simply the meaningful year for me. its a year that i found my soulmate, my dear Eylin. This is a serious relation that i never expect would come. Ringkas crita, we already planning for a big occasion in 2011 :) *nantikan*. Alhamdullilah, everything going smooth n steady, with the full support from people around us. A big thanx to both of our family bcoz mrestui our relation, *syukur*. Not to forget to all our friends, doakan yg terbaik utk kami pls ;)

Another big achievement ialah berhenti merokok. Rahsianya, once u stop, never look back. Takde istilah bhenti slow2. Stop means terus stop. So far aku rasa become healthier than before, pnambahan berat badan yg agak mendadak smpaikan boleh hit 62kg *homai2*. So in 2011 plan nk mgurangkan nafsu mkn yg makin menjadi2 after stop smoking ni.

About career, 2010 makin btambah2 responsible. Dgr rumors year 2011 lg btambah2 responsible dgn pnambahan scope of work. In 2011, jobhunting still akn di teruskan lg bg mencari pluang yg lebih better tp this time maybe slower than before psl dah semakin comfort dgn my current company.

Enough say, hoping for a better year in 2011, semoga di permudahkan sgalanya. Amin.
Peace, Out.