Friday, 14 October 2011

Rockaway 2011 Festival ♥

Rockaway was quite awesome and best festival ever! Frankly, I'm not really into these types of concert but Rockaway was beyond amazing and totally got me hooked on going. Pretty orgasmic :D 

Went with my hubby Zulfo, together with Pali & Farah and we had the most awesome time.  Even though it's raining and we are all pretty drenched, we didn't regret at all.

And hey, Story of The Year and The Used are pretty blast.  Their energy was high. The Used was the band that Zulfo was most looking forward to see and they really rocked out.

As for All Time Low? Hmm honestly, I never heard this annoying and shitty band before. I wouldn't say I hate them but they were the worst of the night. Every song sounded the same and they kept going on and on about tits and so on. Wholly inappropriate. It was getting annoying.  Most of their fans are crazed teen girls, obsessed over. Dozen of them also threw their bras and a few panties onto the stage as the boys played. Totally disgusting.

Btw, the local acts; Pop Shuvit feat Project E.A.R, One Buck Short, Monoloque and Love Me Butch kicked so much ass. For Massacre Conspiracy, just not my liking but Zulfo enjoyed their music i think.

We were not allowed to bring in DSLR, so we borrowed compact camera from a friend. Not DSLR quality, a bit blur but still okay lah! Here, for your viewing pleasure! :))

Rockaway 2011 Fest, 8th Oct
                             awesome love birds. :p                                           my man! :)
 Straight guys!
Fatty in pink!
duck mouth by ugly duckling :p
before and after :p
with his brand new short pants & specky
sweat & smelly? oh no no!
One Buck Short!
Pop Shuvit feat Project E.A.R. I truly love them!
The Used!
Story of The Year
We bought our tickets at for much cheaper price!

Oh, and I miss Rockaway already! ;)  ♥

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