Friday, 20 August 2010

Do I Look Like I Care...?

well guess what, this gonna be my 1st rant. some might ask 'who want to read ur meaningless-wasted-straight to the bin blog?' for those who said that, DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE???if u hate it, just go and f**k urself. i dont need ur sympathy to read it. but wait, if u said my blog such a pathetic or what ever similar to that, means u had read my blog. muahahaha..GOTCHA..!

some might ask 'why u need to have a blog? is it not enough with facebook?' frankly speak, me n my tremendous gf ( sila bangga wahai cik eylin) just wanna write what ever we wanna write, 'memanjangkan apa yg bermain di benak fikiran' coz in facebook, those thing quite limited. example like 'what's on your mind' box, its a box for us to write some status to tell others friend, not to tell your whole life story. but some minority commonly misused that box by writing a long word and frequently update it every 5 minutes, most of it about expressing feeling on love, violent, enemy, cat fight (girl attacking other girl) etc. for me those behavior are totally annoying. hey, i hate to see my news feed full of crap story, its really disturbing me.

nowadays its like a taboo to writing a diary (lagu diari seorang lelaki - pretty ugly adalah exceptional, pasal itu adalah lagu). so by making a blog and use it as a diary, means 'ternyata anda menggunakan kemudahan yg sedia ada di zaman moden ini'. so i call it BLOG cum DIARY. i believe someday in the future, we gonna smile while we read back the content of our blog :D

some might ask 'who gonna read ur blog?'. they might be 3 group. 1st group, im expecting some of our FRIEND gonna read it if they concern on us. hey pal,if u read this, THANX YA..! 2nd group, our stalker, yes the STALKER. im sure all of us has our own stalker especially from facebook (lagi2 pasal facebook). i dont care is it a good stalker (friend) or a bad one (enemy). and for the 3rd group, they are the ACCIDENTALLY READERS, maybe from the free search engine Google, Yahoo etc.

last shout, sorry for my bad english writing.(at least i try laa...)

mr. Z (bukan nama glamour)


aisya suhaimi said...

for those people,plis get a life~ i read u guys punya blog. i already put it in my bownceville's list. ngeee XD

Eylin&Zulfo said...

haha..thanx ecah, nnti i suh eylin letak u punye blog link kt our blog, i x reti..hehe..