Monday, 20 September 2010

Looking for Something to Blame?

Check, check
How I'm gonna start?
I will begin again
But i need to see the end
Looking for something to blame?

This is another write
Straight come from heart
Minimalist the cursing part
Dig out the mellow side
Looking for something to blame?

Thought of winning everything
Who's gonna be the 2nd best?
Idea of control everything
Are you the faultless?
Looking for something to blame?

Make it easy, trouble-free
Make it thorny, here comes complexity
Live your life
Done the undone

p/s : i tweak this post with full of anger coz' i just noticed that the old editor box are no longer there, dammit..! i know nothing about HTML. how i'm gonna insert a pics or vids? to Google/Blogger, PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD EDITOR...!

zal wau lam fa wau, *ZULFO*

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