Friday, 3 September 2010

Might not the First, But Gonna be the Last

Last night,
I just got off the phone with you
As before, i said I Love You
I wish you love me too
That's why we make a good 'me & you'

I just drop you off from my ride
You left me with your face uptight
At your house parking site
We just having another fight

While I'm driving back home,
Feel something wasn't right
I'd messed up tonight
Sorry for starting a fight

I text you some words
'All i can say is that I'm sorry'
You might forgive me
Or continue sulky
But we still a lovey dovey

There's a bright light gonna shine
As bright as a morning sunshine
That's the way of love-life usually is,
Baby, don't you agree?

'Me and You, Just us Two'

written by,
zi yu el ef oo

p/s : this is free writing, ain't it sweet or suck??


Eylin♥ said...

sgt sweet sayang! dtambah ngn gambar masa 2nd date kite on valentine day, sweet sweet sweet! love u lots!

Anonymous said...

i like!! -shasha