Friday, 1 October 2010

I'll always ♥ you, no matter what!

He sees me. He sees who am i. He sees what others are to busy or to blind to see. He sees me.

When I see problems, he sees the possibilities in them. And I am thankful for that. A shoulder to lean on. A hand to hold. A person to love. That's him. And I absolutely adore him.


What I love about you,

I love that you love me. ;)
I love how perfectly your hand fit in mine.
I love how we met and fell in love.
I love the way you said I love you.. it feels good. Really good.
I love the little sweet things you do.
How you were so interested in my life and what I was doing.
How you remembered everything I said to you perfectly.
When you texted me randomly (as little as that may be).
Sitting at the table with your family and enjoying myself and you.
Taking pictures with you and you made the best faces I’ve ever seen.
How you told me I looked great every time we saw each other - despite how untrue I thought it was.
I love how you always reach for my hand when you drive.
I adore how romantic you are.
I love the way you smell.
Your laugh & your smile.
Loves a guy who can cry in front of her without being embarrassed.
What a loser you are, because I am too.
I love to watch you eat.
How you admitted defeat and say sorry when I wouldn’t let you win a fight.
The way you made the butterflies in my stomach flutter every time I saw your smile.
With you I feel safe & sound.
I love that we are best friends.
And, of-course, your intelligence, because you were smart enough to fall in love with me ;-)

I love you more than a bird loves a tree, I love you more than mice love cheese, I love you more than a fish loves the sea!

No matter how bad things get, you've always been the one reason that I am thankful for my life everyday and I wouldn't wanna trade places with anyone. I hope I am the same to you. 

My only subject was you. I love you, whole-heartedly.

Eylin ♥


zulf said...

until the day i die, i'll spill my heart for u sayang..!

eylin said...

i anggap tu janji ye sayang. ;)

zulf said...

erk??ok sayang ;)