Friday, 1 October 2010

I don't Hate Chelsea, I just Mighty Hate them


 - ain't got no history club
- they played anti-football that is ruining the game (JANJI MENANG STYLE!)
- just because you score more goals than others, doesn't mean u play a beautiful football
- to win a title, you need a person who owns an oil rig to become the chairman! (soon it will be
- "....and where money can buy everything" 
- short-termist (squad for today but not for 'tomorrow')
- chelsea = a contingent of 30-somethings players, no future for youth development. keep this thing up, good for us!
- Hall of Tears! - do you remember John 'the criedbaby' Terry? (best moment)
- Q: What's the difference between a Chelsea supporter and an onion?
  A: No one cries when you chop up a Chelsea fan!
- FRAGILE MATERIAL!ONCE BROKEN CONSIDER SOLD - didier 'dive-then-moan' drogba, a player who look like a well gifted footballer, flying around while attacking, but not inside the penalty box area, (penalty diver).
- people claiming to be life long chelsea fans when I swear I've seen them wearing a manutd/liverpool circa 2002 and before. why? here are the fact :-
   Season  Position - Points
1992-93 11th - 56 pts
1993-94 14th - 51 pts
1994-95 11th - 54 pts
1995-96 11th - 50 pts
1996-97 6th - 59 pts
1997-98 4th - 63 pts
1998-99 3rd - 75 pts
1999-00 5th - 65 pts
2000-01 6th - 61 pts
2001-02 6th - 64 pts
2002-03 4th - 67 pts
2003-04 2nd - 79 pts
2004-05 1st - 95 pts
2005-06 1st - 91 pts
2006-07 2nd - 83 pts
2007-08 2nd - 85 pts
2008-09 3rd - 83 pts
2009-10 1st - 86 pts

- 'sweet' question for chelsea fans to sum up everything, 'Where were all the fans before the arriving of Russian Roullette'?
- which one u prefer, chels**t or chels**k?
- i hate chelsea because rationale was needed anymore, it was self-evident
- to all the butthurt aka chelsea fan, sorry for any inconvenience caused ;)

p/s - just because we never went to the real EPL games, doesn't mean we are not a true fans, we just
far away.
- u can't blame on us why we so much passion on EPL games every weekend, u should blame the goverment and the media for bring up this around.

written by ~zal wau lam fa wau~

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